Be grateful for what you have, or else nothing will ever be good enough for you.

Be grateful for what you have, or else nothing will ever be good enough for you.

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Ben Duffy

When I was 13, I was introduced to skateboarding videos. Watching a skateboard video was an experience of colossal passion. But even more than athletic passion, it was an introduction to a population of young kids and adults who found an unimaginable love for something that was illegal, found to be stupid, and categorized them an outcast. But with that love, it was something that makes them feel whole and gives them the ability to shine in this crazy mixed up world. When I was 18 it became axiomatic to me that my dream was to make a skate video of my own that would be available to purchase in skate shops around the world. With no chip on my shoulder, I can say that I accomplished that with my first film We Are Skateboarders, and I did it my way. The only thing that has changed for me as a filmmaker as I got older is that I diversified from skateboarding. But the need to document purity has remained constant. Wether it be my film HeartChild, which documented a mother who stopped at nothing to give her autistic son a better life, or my new film Tin Soldiers, which presents people who want to show themselves that they have something to offer despite them being in wheelchairs or missing limbs, the purity always comes from the heart of someone who is what society would call, the underdog. I have ten thousand choices of what films I could make, but understanding the heart has always been my first interest. This is because I know, at the end of the day, before obsession, before greed, the heart beats, and people want to be loved and encouraged. Films from a humanitarian point of view is the only point of view I will ever have, and that is totally fine for me. It makes me feel whole and makes me feel like I have something to offer, as an individual, in this crazy mixed up world. I have the purity of a skateboarder because I am a skateboarder. I am grateful that I have taken the wisdom that skateboarding has given me and transferred it into film. There is no platform more influential in a first world society than film, and I have made it my life goal to bring that purity to film as it is today. 


Tin Soldiers (2015) 
Ten Years Gone (2014)
Heart Child (2012)
We Are Skateboarders (2010)